Bold Strap & Clear Case -Mix & Match -


Discover our all-time HANGIN AROUND favourite - our clear case with the Basic Strap, which puts your phone in the spotlight. Choose a strap colour to match your style / mood, and select a finishing touch with either golden or silver end caps.

Clear Case features:

  • Thermoplastic Polyurethane Case
  • Shockproof 
  • Water resistant
  • Non-toxic, safe for humans (OEKO-TEX®)

Keep it minimalistic with the Basic Strap, cool with Boho Strap or functional with the detachable Bold Straps, with durable karabiner clips, to click on and off wherever you go.

Discover our Bold Strap, with durable karabiner clips and a flat, woven strap that easily hooks onto both our Clear and Silicone Cases.

Bold Strap features

  • Made from soft yet strong, nylon fibres
  • Durable karabiner and slider: Stainless Steel with a powdery smooth surface
  • Easy to clean, quick dry
  • Lightweight yet strong
  • Non-toxic (OEKO-TEX®)
  • Rope Length: 1,5 m, adjustable
  • Width: 2.5 cm
  • Weight: 95g

HANGIN AROUND does not guarantee the integrity of your smartphone. Scratches may occur from the split rings or particles that can get inside the case. Handle with care and at own risk. We know that our products are loved by (small) children as well, but please be careful, as our product consists of small parts. Depending on the model or version, the illustrations may differ from the real product and also from the image shown.