Nice to meet you!

In case you’re curious who is the heart & souI behind Hangin Around:
I am Madina Eldessouky, founder, mother, splitting my time between my current home town Kuwait and my birth country Germany. During one summer in Berlin, I discovered phone straps that had the the benefit of keeping my hands free while traveling, shopping or playing with my son. Back in Kuwait, I was desperately looking for a more comfortable, convenient but also sophisticated way to carry my smartphone in my everyday life. When I couldn’t find a product which fulfilled my desire for good quality and elegant style, I decided to create my own collection for smartphone essentials that represents the aetshetics and spirit of the Middle East. I created Hangin Around for everyone who wants to make life more easy, but also sophisticated. So far it’s been a great journey and I’m happy you’re part of it.
Please contact me for any feedback or if you need consultation, I’m happy to help!